About Us

The first bath experience can be safe, healthy and fun for the babies. With this thought, Babytub Evolution was created, the first bathtub dedicated and designed for newborn babies until the 6 months of life. Mummies around the world have approved the product, because its unique design simulates the intrauterine environment, the baby fits into the fetal position and feels comfortable and protected as if it were in the mother's belly.

But there was a problem: the babies were growing and wanted to continue using the Babytub even after the 06 months. In response to requests from the little ones, the company has launched the Babytub Ofurô (Hot spa), which is truly a portable mini pool for children up to 5 years old.

All Babytub products are made with toxic-free raw material and meet FDA requirements, being safe and suitable for infants and children. Our biggest commitment is to bring kids a fantastic bath experience. To do this, we develop products that have a unique design, are stable, safe and portable, so your children can have fun in the bath anywhere.